Sunday, 14 August 2011

Summer diet & salt

NHK have been urging the masses to up their salt intake.
Heaven forbid we might die of heatstroke.

I was insufficiently impressed with the beauty of my cooking efforts tonight to take a photo, but if my diet in anyway resembles the Japanese average diet, NHK should be sued for inducing strokes...

Dinner here was

- somen noodles with (salty) soy based dipping sauce.
- eggplant and capsicum (green paprika) with (salty) miso
- wintermelon  cooked like this - minus the starch (soy in it)
- cucumber pickles (sent by Hiro's mother not soy, but some kind of saltiness)
- tomatoes - no salt
- fried tofu (that was supposed to be agedashi - in a soy sauce - until Hiro's mother sent a box of vegies that meant there were plenty of other things cooked.

Tomorrow I am drying out - corn, tomato brocoli - no soy to be seen.

I can't imagine how I could possibly need salt.... and I don't even eat at convenience stores...

I guess the bright side of eating Fukushima beef is that some kind of cancer will get me before the stroke....


achan said...

I always joke that the reason the Japanese live longer than everyone else is because they are preserved-in salt!!! I have never seen my FIL eat a fresh vegetable though he eats plenty of pickled ones!

The thing with salt is that it needs to be offset with large amounts of fluid and Japanese by and large don't drink so much (well non alcohol anyway!!)

Cecilia said...

So true! I am not sure what the aversion to water is...

No fresh vegies ..oh dear..... the horrors!

MIL salts strawberries, grapes, apple before eating... Unsuprisingly the nursing home in Akita where AIL lives is full of pickled, barely alive stroke sufferers. Bring on the beef!