Sunday, 22 August 2010

Some summer images

Rice in Tochigi getting close to harvest time

Sendai Tanabata Star Festival decorations in Shibuya
(even though Tanabata is usually celebrated on 7 July, in Sendai it's celebrated in early August.)

I think every Japanese home has a ceramic pig holder for mosquito coils.... why exactly... I'm not sure

Summer flowers in the mountains of Nagano
The Japan Alps of Nagano in summer - much of the year this road can't be traversed 

Fishing for goldfish at a summer festival. Goldfish are a traditional symbol of summer.

Pickled cucumber on sticks.  A summer treat.

Girls in  yukata - light and made of cotton yukata are perfect summer wear.

The tinkle of windchimes is said to make people feel cool.


gaijinwife said...

what great pics! I love the rice at this time of year. We are surrounded by it too.

Cecilia said...


I love the rice too... reminds me of the wheat at home... except to get to Tochigi it takes 2 hrs :(

Enjoy it !