Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Kobe: two oddities

Two oddities
This was quite a surprise.  It's a free cafe. Literally free.  Free coffee, free tea, orange juice and rice crackers all free. There were several tables with chairs but mostly standing tables.  Harimaya is a rice cracker maker who has decided to open the free cafes in part to promote their rice crackers - there are apparently stores in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka as well -  and in part as a vehicle to promote their vision of the environment. The vision seems quite vague though and the fact the plates for the rice crackers at the cafe appeared to be disposable plastic seemed a bit dubious.     Looking at their website makes me wonder if they are actually a doomsday cult in disguise.

Oddity two
A reminder that obesity hasn't really hit Japan. 
It's a weight loss centre for people wanting to lose between 5-10kg.
Next time we get "before and after" diet brochures in the newspaper, I will paste them here....
She was a big fatso at  52kg and now she's starting to look better at 46kg....

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