Monday, 22 February 2010

Himeji: a castle town

On the weekend we visited Himeji, a castle town west of Osaka, that has one of only 12 remaining original castles in Japan. It's a 3 hour train Shinkansen trip to Himeji, but flights between Tokyo and the Kansai airports are very competitive - a round trip plus accommodation cost significantly less than return shinkansen tickets. Repair work is scheduled to start next month and it will be 4 or so years before the scaffolds come off. With that in mind, we took the chance to see it.


The castle has been in this form since the early 1600s.
It replaced a castle that had been built in the mid 1300s.

The castle is raised high above the surrounding area

Family emblems found within the castle precinct.
The castle has had many owners through out its history.

I didn't see an explanation of why there were different geometrical shapes for shooting arrows cut into the wall.  
Looking up from underneath

A castle town - a model of the castle and the surrounding area in feudal times.

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