Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Kobe: Chinatown

Chinese presence dates back many hundreds of years in Kobe.  China has been hugely influential in Japanese culture, Buddhism, Confucianism, art, architecture, and script to name the most obvious.  In the case of Kobe though,  trade with China helped it develop into a thriving port city. The Chinese presence remains today with Nanking St being the heart of Kobe's Chinatown.   (Nanking St is also the main shopping street of central Shanghai).     

A Chinatown needs to have gates ;)

Buying gyoza
Soups, dumplings, fried foods
Gyoza, dumplings and mochi
Nanking St

A variety of Chinese and Chinese-Japanese "fusion" foods.

A Hong Kong shop that did sit down meals or stand up food.
I'm not sure how much repeat custom they would get -
it was not a patch on a Guangdong restaurant on the same street.

As for these... I don't get them either.

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