Monday, 28 September 2009


At the tourist centre in Sakata we saw information about a waterfall where there were separate left and right falls that both originated as springs but the water had different tastes. The cynic in me had visions of someone standing behind it pouring chili into one stream and pepper in the other, but I was genuinely very curious.  It turned out to be not far from the place we were staying so after and early breakfast we got on the road to see it. 
The sign to the waterfall had a warning about bears next to it and despite briefly regretting not buying a bear warning bell that a hawker tried to sell us in Zao onsen, we followed the track in the waterfall.

As would be expected, a shrine had been built in between the two falls. It was simple and wooden, very much in keeping with the surrounds.  I couldn't taste much difference in the water from each side, but they were a different temperature.  Hiro could detect a difference, but explaining it was not so simple (he must need to do a wine tasting course to build up his store of adjectives ;) )

For something that is quite a curiousity, it was a surprise that there was no-one else there. It presumably is reasonably popular.  If you look at the last picture, you can see piping has been set up to make it easy for people to do a comparison in water tastes.  While the practicality is laudable, it really doesn't enhance the beauty of the area.  Hiro, with his tongue in his cheek, calls it 'Asian courteousy' - every good mountain deserves a ropeway. ;)


This is only for the RHS fall, the LHS fall pipes are a little to the left of the picture

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