Monday, 28 September 2009

Waterfalls - ichi no taki, ni no taki

We continued along the road to a place where a walking track to ichi no taki and ni no taki (taki being waterfall) was marked.  According to the map it was about a  3 hour hike to the top of Mt Chokkai, though it would be an unorthodox way to get there - most people drive closer to the summit and approaching it from the Akita side. We were satisfied with walking along the walking path  that ran along a mountain stream with periodic waterfalls for about 45 mins or so, and opted not to branch of along a much less frequently used track that would have taken us to the summit.  It is said that climbing Chokkai san that there is no need to carry a water bottle as water is so abundant on the mountain.  After venturing along this path, I have no reason to doubt it.  

The water was very cold, good for trout fishing but miserable for swimming.  I am a wimp for water that is at sub-tropical temperatures, but even Hiro thinks it would be unsuitable for swimming all year round.  (I assume the last of the snow here would melt here in June /July.)