Thursday, 24 September 2009

Silver Week

Today is the first day after a five day long weekend: Silver Week.
Monday was respect for the aged day.
Wednesday was autumn equinox day (a traditional day for visiting the cemetry
and Tuesday was an act of government benevolence in part movitvated by a desire to stimulate the economy.   With 1000Y 'all you can drive' road tolls, a massive reduction on what they had been, there were no doubt hopes that people would pack their cars and travel across the country spending money the whole way.
The holidays are very welcome, though if there could just be incentive for people to actually take the holidays that they are already entitled to, demand would be spread more evenly through the year.
But the cliche of kicking gift horses springs to mind...
We endeavoured to make the best of the rare 5 days off.

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