Thursday, 24 September 2009

The flu

Sept 9

The H1N1 flu is being taken very seriously here.

Last night's TV news had pictures of intensive care wards at the children's hospital in westmead (if I were being cynical I could suggest that it confirms in people:s minds that it is foreign disease despite a number of schools in Japan having been closed as a result of the flu.)

Measures being taken seem a little extreme, not especially grounded in science and extend into the private domain more than would be tolerated in many places.

Kozy's husband's company have effectively forbidden overeas travel - too bad if you'd booked your summer trip to Guam.... They all have their temperature taken at the gate as they enter the office as well as having to wear masks inside the office and on the train to work.... Some companies are requiring employees to submit their temperatures to the company before leaving home for work in the morning... Work place cafeterias are having seats removed so no one need sit opposite another. A positive is that public toilets now all have to have soap - a big improvement.

Concern about the flu spreading however doesn't seem to have extended to reducing the amount of spitting esp from older men. A handwashing campaign also wouldn:t go astray....


1. butter has gone up

2. the garbage Nazis have apparently moved on to ensuring that labels have been removed from PET bottles...

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