Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Akita Nairiku line S3 to Omagari

What seems to be an abandoned house/shop near Sadori station 9:20

Nishi Kichikichohinokinai 9:27

Nishi Kichikichohinokinai 9:33

Nishi Kichikichoyamada 9:35

The Nairiku sen terminates in Kakunodate and connects with
the JR Shinkansen line that goes between Akita City and Morioka,
The local Tazawa line goes all stops to Omagari  on the Ou Honsen
- a 20 minute trip south west.

The train to Omagari

An unfortunately named local magazine.

Omagari is famous for summer fireworks.
This poster at the local station is made from paper plates
painted by a local kindergarten.

JA Omagari - JA the temple of rural Japan.

The station - a grand building with good waiting rooms.
The tourist information office had phone charging facilities.


Andrew Wright said...

Want to go now!!! So beautiful. And now my computer slideshow screen background just popped up a photo from Akita.

Meanwhile, back in Australia, I just went for a swim in an outdoor pool. ;)

Cecilia said...

Given a choice between snow and swimming weather, hands down the pool!