Saturday, 21 March 2015

Easter - ii starto

It's long puzzled me why ever seasonally attuned Japan, which has so readily taken up Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's day, has never got onto the Easter bandwagon.  I assumed that Easter is a bit too complex...  Mixed metaphors with Easter rabbits laying eggs...
Nestle has emerged this year with a stroke of genius Japanese word play.
Kit Kats have established themselves in Japan as a good luck gift. "Kitto Katsu" sounds like the Japanese for "You'll pass / win for sure!"  And Kit Kats get given for good luck wishes.
This year they've excelled themselves with Easter kit-kats. "Ea-su-ta  ii su-ta-to."
Easter - ii start. ii = good.
So as the new academic year starts across Japan and Easter is a fortnight away so ... wishing you all Happy Easter and a good start to new things.

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Andrew Wright said...

Apple Pie KitKat looks nice. Going to visit the KitKat store in Japan.

Cecilia said...

It was really artificial... a disappointment. I'd opt for the strawberry melty kiss bars myself (not the ones that are loose in big bags). The Kobe purin ones aren't too bad either. Wasabi get a minus here as well!

But, didn't realise a Kit Kat shop had opened! How exciting! There's also a Dars shop that has opened on Omotesando. It was all "gift set" Dars though.