Monday, 18 March 2013

Tohoku Honsen 東北本線, Rikuuchu Orii -Mizusawa

ファイル:鉄道路線図 JR東北本線.svgFrom Kitakami, the trip was south -  one trainline, numerous changes. The Tohouku Mainline goes north-south along the Pacific side of Japan from Morioka (the start of the pink line) through Hanamaki, Kitakami, Ichinoseki, Kogota, Sendai, Koriyamia, Kuroiso, Utsunomiya, Akabane, Ueno. It is one of Japanese longer local lines.  Much of the Tohoku Honsen line runs very close to the Shinkansen line and in terms of scenery is much less picturesque than the east west lines that go through the mountains.

There are some that are pretty.  This stretch of the line, from Rikuchuu Orii to Mizusawa, is not very high on the scenic stretches of Tohoku rail. It does however give an idea of what you would get on the shinkansen lines in the area.


Rurousha said...

I'm convinced March and April are the worst months up north. Where the snow has already melted, it's brown slush. Where it's still snowing, it's just depressing.

Ah, ignore me. I'm from sunny South Africa. ;)

Cecilia said...

This line is always depressing, because it's next to the Shinkansen line. Evidence for my thesis on Shinkansen leading to ugly scenery. :)