Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ou 奥羽本線 between Mineyoshikawa and Kariwano

Ou line from North to South
junction cities are
Aomori, Odate, Akita, Omagari
Yokote, Shinjo, Yamagata,
Yonezawa, Fukushima
The Ou line extends the length of Northern Tohoku. It goes from Aomori in the North, through Odate to Akita City, from Akita City to Shinjo, Yamagata via Omagari, Yokote and Yuzawa. From Shinjo it follows the Shinkansen line south through Yamagata City, Yonezawa, terminating at Fukushima City. 


Rurousha said...

Did you take this with your iPad?

I started grinning about 3 minutes into the video, when the train came out of a tunnel into snow country, just like in Kawabata's book. The screen went from black to blinding white before it refocused, as if the iPad got a bit confused. :)

PS: I love train sounds!

Cecilia said...

Yes, the ipad is quite convenient for this. Coming out of the tunnel confuses me sometimes too :) Another reason the local trains are good is because the tunnels are short. I was so disappointed to go from Morioka to Aomori on the Hyabusa and almost the whole route seemed to be tunnels. The Fukushima area too is very tunnel heavy.

This on the otherhand, is very charming!

Rurousha said...

I'm dikbek (grumpy, sulking) that you've travelled on the Hayabusa and I haven't. Hmph.

Cecilia said...

But I have't been on the Akita Red...