Sunday, 17 March 2013

Kitakami sen 北上線 Kurosawa - the appeal of local lines

ファイル:鉄道路線図 JR北上線.svg
Kitakami line
The Kitakami line goes from Yokote, Akita on the Ou line to Kitakami, Iwate, on the Tohoku Main line.  Magnificent scenery - the highlight of the trip back. It's worth enduring the extended  monotony of the Tohoku Honsen just to travel here.

The Rikuu tou sen, which runs parallel to it south of here is also magnificent.  This is the primary reason I keep using seishun 18 enthusiastically.  Infinitely more interesting than the shinkansen line.  The services are relatively infrequent (the timetable below is the timetable from Kitakami to Yokote), so it needs planning.  But the local lines of Tohoku that are far from the Shinkansen lines, are an under-discovered highlight of Japan.


Rurousha said...

I love the mountain scenery, and I could easily live there ... if 1) winter lasted only two months and 2) Amazon could delivery daily. :)

PS: Your videos are the perfect distraction. I should finish this aaargh! manual, but I keep finding other interesting things to do ...

Cecilia said...

Caveat 2 is no problem - MIL has her own takyubin labels printed and kuroneko just come and pick them up!

As for 1 - forget it - 4 months minimum.

The little local lines are so charmingly rustic. I am planning to take the Nairiku line again next time I go up (very local line from Kakunodate to Takanosu - a private line that JR sold off). It's not on the seishun 18, but when I caught it before it was April, as you say not the pick of times for the area. Am also keen on the Ban'etsu sens and then the lines to the Pacific Coast.

Bring on the summer!