Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dieting Japanese style

Occasionally these adds pop up on my facebook page.
She was a fat fat 40.9kgs and now.... she's lost 2.6kg AND 7.3cm from her waist.
I'd better check myself in.
(The numbers are for)

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Achan said...

I have a couple of Aussie friends these sizes but on the whole even non overweight Aussies are heavier than these girls. I was this size in primary school so there's no way I'm going to be that in my late 30's!!

Cecilia said...

A 4kg weight loss to 57kg in Aus, would be so unworthy of making it onto an ad!
I don't think I know any adults - Japanese or foreign who weigh less than 40kg.... maybe I hang out with the wrong people. :)

Theresa said...

I should totally pose for these pictures because it's all posture -- I can easily loose dramatic inches off my waist just by sucking in my gut and standing up straight. But standing up straight is free...

Cecilia said...

Indeed as a dancer no doubt you have enviable posture. I am remain sceptical of the merits of advertising a weight loss program that boasts 2kg losses...
Which reminds me I still haven't been to Omotesando to try Wendy's yet, after the essays are in.

Chris said...

The one on the right lost the gut but gained a penis?

Looks like her ....i dunno?....nevermind :)