Thursday, 8 December 2011

A..... kita

This JR poster for Akita has been around for a couple of weeks.  A namahage in an onsen with sake (the sake puzzles me a little since I thought it was taboo to drink sake in an onsen - something only obnoxious Russian sailors did). A....kita - is a pun which means both Akita and I  have (finally) arrived.  It's  apt description of  how I feel upon arriving there after the long trip up.   "akita" can also have the meaning 'bored' which could make for a funny send up of the poster.
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ben said...

Niseko in Hokkaido also has onsens where alcohol is allowed. Theres usually a sign that says its prohibited. If there isn't one and theres a beer vending machine close by, you are good to go.

Cecilia said...

Interesting. Sake in the onsen always reminds me of Debito and the Otaru onsen case.

In all the times I have been to onsen in Akita I've never seen anyone drink sake... I wonder if it's poetic license.