Thursday, 22 December 2011


Writing this may be tempting fate.... but the aftershocks have started to drop off noticeably.  Yesterday there was just one for the whole day. The 18th and 19th also had just one aftershoock.  It's been a while since I have felt one, but not feeling them doesn't mean they are not happening.  There have often been 10 or more aftershocks in a day and the only reason I know about them is from checking the Japan Meteorological agency website.

But now... they are actually happening much less.

Fingers crossed.

05:14 JST 22 Dec 201105:10 JST 22 Dec 2011Fukushima-ken OkiM4.63
11:11 JST 21 Dec 201111:06 JST 21 Dec 2011Iwate-ken OkiM4.63
18:15 JST 20 Dec 201118:10 JST 20 Dec 2011Ibaraki-ken HokubuM3.33
15:31 JST 20 Dec 201115:26 JST 20 Dec 2011Iwate-ken OkiM5.03
10:39 JST 20 Dec 201110:35 JST 20 Dec 2011Akita-ken Nairiku-nambuM2.63
02:31 JST 20 Dec 201102:24 JST 20 Dec 2011Ibaraki-ken HokubuM4.33
02:27 JST 20 Dec 201102:24 JST 20 Dec 2011Ibaraki-ken HokubuM4.33
23:43 JST 19 Dec 201123:40 JST 19 Dec 2011Ibaraki-ken HokubuM4.13
16:05 JST 19 Dec 201116:01 JST 19 Dec 2011Chiba-ken Toho-okiM4.63
05:39 JST 19 Dec 201105:36 JST 19 Dec 2011Ishikawa-ken Noto-chihoM4.13
18:06 JST 18 Dec 201118:02 JST 18 Dec 2011Chiba-ken Toho-okiM4.83
17:54 JST 17 Dec 201117:50 JST 17 Dec 2011Noto-hanto OkiM4.33
15:16 JST 16 Dec 201115:12 JST 16 Dec 2011Tochigi-ken NambuM4.33


gaijinwife said...

Definitely good news. Hoping they are really slowing down and you don't get any over the holiday season. Hoping you have a safe and Merry Christmas - as much as can be this Christmas. xxx

Cecilia said...

Thanks Katy.
You take care too. xo

Anonymous said...

This is good news...I am praying that this shaking stops! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...stay safe, happy and healthy!!

Bryn said...

I haven't felt any in a long time, and my "brain quakes" have diminished too.

Do you check the meteorological site everyday? And don't you have the warning thing on your keitai? Are you very worried, or just curious?

If I feel an aftershock tonight, I'm totally blaming you for jinxing me! LOL

Rurousha said...

Uh-oh! There was a biggish one, about 4 in certain parts of Tokyo, on January 1st. What a way to start 2012! I think we shouldn't throw away the bottled water quite yet. Happy New Year, nonetheless! :)

Cecilia said...

Back in Tokyo after a being up north.
We didn't feel the earthquake in Akita but once the earthquake happened in NZ, I figured there would be another one here.... The seismic activity increased quite a bit after it...
I am no seismologist but they seem to be bouncing off each other....