Monday, 21 March 2011

The supermarket today

Things are definitely returning to normal in the supermarkets.  This afternoon there was plenty of food in stock and for the first time in 9 days the usual range of bread.  Bread was limited at one per customer &  being a rainy day, where people tend to stay in, it wouldn't surprise me if they had an excess of stock at the end of the day.   The main gap was in natto (fermented beans that are a Japanese staple),  Most natto comes from Ibaraki which has sustained a lot of damage. The pictures below are clear evidence that stories of people starving in Tokyo are a more than a bit of a stretch.
The biscuit aisle - some gaps, but well stocked really

Milk in abundance - a limit on one per customer &
radiation in milk in Fukushima no doubt have contributed.

Plenty of fruit and veges -  a bit blurry - I was trying to be discrete

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