Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sanriku coast part 3

In many places settlement is on a very narrow piece of flat land with
mountains directly behind.

Checking nets takes a lot of co-operation
A lot of activity at a little fishing port on the coast side of the tsunami gates

Lots of little boats

I've already posted this pic - but these are tsunami gates for the village
above. With 10-12 metre waves they wouldn't hvae been nearly high enough.
I am not sure how much damage this village sustained - sadly, nor do I remember
the name of it.


J.D. Gibbard said...

Is this another kind of tsunami gate"
This was on the Tanesashi cloast north of Taneichi last summer.

Cecilia said...

It is definitely a tsunami gate. But also doubles as keeping out high tides as well. (I needed to do a double check on Taneichi). There are more tsunami gates on the Pacific side - probably more prone to higher tides. I came by this yesterday which I found quite interesting. I am quite interested in the efficacy of the tsunami gates.