Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The supermarket meat section

I have deleted a whole lot of photos by accident.... will take more next time I'm up there for new year.

You can buy most meats in Tokyo, but for a local supermarket the Odate  Itoku supermarket has a vastly bigger variety than anything near us in Tokyo.  In addition to beef, pork, and chicken they have horse and duck and whale.   The range of seafood is not particularly unusual -but still impressive
discounted whale

a sashimi tray with various fish and sea urchin in the middle

Cod eggs - tarako

Salmon eggs - ikura

sazae shell fish from Niigata

Sea urchin

Horse sashimi - to be eaten raw

meat assortment for sukiyaki /shabu shabu - in Tokyo you wouldn't usually see pork in the mix

Japanese beef

Namako - sea cucumber

Sting Ray - popular locally for New Year

A lot of fat on this whale meat

More whale blubber

American tarako - cod ?

Kazunoko - herring roe

Cod internal organs for soup.... mmmm delicious...

Fresh stingray

Octopus looking a very artificial red colour for New Year
(I am not sure how they colour it)

Prawns from Saudi Arabia

Prawns from Argentina

Discounted Whale

Awabi - abalone

ikura - salmon roe

sashimi pack

Sea Urchin

Salted tarako - cod


Sazae shell fish from Niigata

Local specialty 1 - Horse meat ramen

Local speciality 2 - Kiritampo ramen
The three white sticks are 'kiritampo' - made of rice.


Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Makes me glad to be a vegetarian...:)

That way I won't accidentally eat horse ramen without knowing it!

I do love all the yummy vegetables in Japan. We are so limited here....the same veggies over and over....lots of Chinese cabbage and cucumbers....can't wait for some real shitaki mushrooms!!!

Theresa said...

Love this post. Pictures of food! I'm addicted for some reason to that bright red pickled octopus around at New Year's.

Cecilia said...

I was so amazed at the selection. Far superior to anything around here. I am starting to collect photos of mountain vegetable pickles that MIL makes. Usually very good.