Saturday, 15 January 2011

Manners have run their course... almost

From youpouch, via Japan Today, these were voted the most annoying manner breaches by consumers.  It's interesting to note they are all infringements to the self rather than concern for the well being of others.... hmm... maybe the posters need to crank it up a notch....

1. Sitting with legs crossed or spread out on a packed train
2. Rushing on to the train when I’m trying to get off
3. Cranking up the volume so I can hear your headphones
4. Dozing off with your head on my shoulder
5. Blocking the door without any intention of moving aside
6. Doing your makeup from start to finish on the train
7. Searching for your commuter pass right in front of the ticket gate
8. Couples: too much public display of affection
9. Bringing a child on to the train during rush hour and shouting, “Don’t push him!”

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Bryn said...

I'm totally guilty of #1, though I try hard not to be. As soon as I sit, my legs automatically cross.

#4 creeps me out too, I hate it!

Never saw the big deal about #6, to me it seems like good time management. You're just sitting there, doing nothing, why not make the most of your time?

#9 - probably most who hate it don't have kids! Sometimes bringing your kid on the train at rush hour is unavoidable, and of course you'd want people to be mindful of your little one. I think it's worse manners to push and shove and stomp all over your fellow passengers.

Cecilia said...

#1 Me too. But I think they are really talking about men who are deluded about their scrotum being the size of a soccer ball.

4. Depending on the person... if they have toxic breath or have drunk seriously too much I will move.
5. Occasionally I get a feeling that I want to push them - hard. But I am too restrained or too lame, which ever way you choose to look at it.
6. Sometimes I have to stop myself staring... having never used false eyelashes, I admire the steady hand of anyone who can apply them on a train....
#9 My spin on this is that anyone who isn't mindful of small children, elderly and the incapacitated deserves to break both legs snowboarding and have to commute to learn some empathy :)

Survey of users of Pouch (