Thursday, 18 November 2010

Uninspiring train manners

The subways have come up with the next installment of the manners campaign. They are starting to clutch at straws though... Usually I get a good chuckle... but this time it's just lame.

 For some reason Japan still seems to think mobile phones stop pacemakers.... The rules say no speaking on a phone on the train (or any public area really), but near the priority seats the mobile phone is supposed to be switched off completely.  This is the point of the poster.

 I once saw a very indignant woman getting stuck into someone text messaging on a phone in the priority seats.... hmmm... if only such passion could be used to do something a bit more worthwhile. Needless to say, our station has again decided either residents here are either beyond educating or too advanced to require signs.


Nihenjin said...

I came across your blog while looking for a picture I saw of manners on the train in Japan. Good stuff.
If you are interested my last post was about manners (kind of).

Nihenjin said...

Sorry it didn't hyperlink, looks like I'm spamming you.
Cut and paste is annoying though.