Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Tokyo Sky Tree

 Tokyo sky tree,  Tokyo's answer to Dubai's Burj Khalifa Tower, KL's Petronas Towers, and Taipei's 101 building,  is on an upward march.  We went out today to have a look at it close up, though from much of central Tokyo it is already quite visible.   The main reason for the 634m height is apparently Tokyo is in need of a tall structure from which to broadcast digitally.  I thought Oshiage, where it is located,  was reclaimed land, but it seems not, though it is very definitely river flats.  The seismic technology is supposed to be state of the art... but I think they are rather brave building something so high when "the big one" is already overdue.

If you get impressed by towers, it's probably impressive.  I am impressed that unlike Roppongi Hills it seems that it is making an effort to integrate into public space rather than being a self contained fortress.
As of today it's 497metres, and  going up at the rate of 1m / day, at this rate it may be finished ahead of  its Nov 2011 schedule.
1 April 2010 near Nippori Station

23 December 2009
3 November 2010

Genmori bridge near Oshiage
14 April 2010

From Genmori bridge 3 Nov 2010

14 April 2010

3 November 2010
The non descript tower block on the left seems
like a wasted opportunity.
497m as of 3 Nov 2010
Onward upward to 634m


Bryn said...

I love watching the tower's progress, I'm guess I'm a geek, but I think it's so exciting to actually be here watching the construction. It'll be around FOREVER (well, 'til 2012 at least LOL) and we can say we saw it being built! We might just have to roll out that way this weekend for another look!

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

That is one big tower!! I have yet to go to Tokyo...but I will. When I see it I'll think of your post!

I replied to your email...somehow it went to my spam..!