Sunday, 21 November 2010

Meguro Shizen Kyoikuen - Meguro Nature Study Park

 Yesterday autumn weather was optimal. We took the opportunity to go to Meguro where there is a amazing primal forest about half way between Shirakane Takanawa and Meguro stations.. It doesn't feature on tourist lists of Tokyo for some reason, but it's beautiful - the Meiji Shrine outer garden is the only place that is in anyway comparable in Tokyo.  Walking around there yesterday was like being in a Renoir autumn painting. Soft light, yellowing brown leaves, bridges over ponds, aging pines - a lovely day out.

In my eagerness to get back under google's 1 GB limit on photos, I have accidentally deleted photos - which I will try to relocate.
Meguro Shizen Kyoikuen
Meguro Nature Study Park
Tokyo Nature Study Park Meguro

Sometimes the human wildlife is more interesting than
the non human varieties...

Park entry details

We finished off out trip to the area with soba at a
traditional little shop on Gaien Nishi Dori, just around the corner from the park.

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