Sunday, 10 October 2010

Tsukiji to Harumi

Feeling full and happy we walked towards Harumi.  All of the land here is reclaimed.  I expected it to be more warehouse-like. I have been through this area before, mostly on a motor bike or going out to eat monja  (more on that later), but I was surprised to see so much gentrification - many upmarket highrise among the industrial areas.  It's walking distance to Ginza, which makes it easily gentrifiable.
Crossing from Tsukiji area - the silver moon on the aparment
building had me thinking it was a love hotel, but actually just an
enthusiastic architect.
Dredging I think, on the Sumidagawa (river)
A little house on a canal next to the Sumida gawa.

Let's make a town (suburb) with no terrorists.
Can't disagree with that, though I wonder how effective it would
be in deterring committed terrorists....

It seems like a seriously DINK area.  Very double good income. 
This is a gym
A car park with more than usual foliage
A very hazy look at the Rainbow Bridge from Harumi

A MAFF (ministry of ag. forestry & fishing ship) docked at Harumi.
Off limits to the public it probably spends its time chasing the
Sea Shephard when not in port.

It seems like whaling ships dock here

In front of Harumi Pier

Looking out on a hazy view from the Harumi Passenger Terminal - towards

Harumi Pier Park from the obsevation deck
A ship from the Korean Maritime University in port.

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