Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hakata Ramen

From Honganji we walked towards Harumi, past the pretty Tsukijigawa park and then back around to Harumi Dori (street). The ramen shope there - Fukuchan- piqued my interest. For Hiro it was a blast from the past.  Befor the ramen boom that mean 'tonkotsu' (pork based) Kyushu style ramen was hard to come by in Tokyo.  According to Hiro, for him, tonkotsu ramen = Fukuchan.  The ramen was great, much much much better ramen than you usually get. Deep flavour without too much oil.  They even had free boiled eggs sitting in baskets on the table.... I guess people don't try and fill their pockets on the way out... that said though how many boiled eggs could a person eat in a day....

Lots of condiments, garlic, ginger, cabbage, wakame seaweed,
preserved fish eggs, and another kind of pickle.  Also soy, sesame,
chili, chile oil & vinegar too perhaps.  Note the eggs.
Hiro's Ramen - seconds - (you can order extra noodles once you've 
finished your noodles and yet another boiled egg - 

My delicious ramen -with half a boiled egg and pork on top

Fuku-chan Hakata Ramen 


fatim said...

the hakata ramen surely look delicious to me!

Cecilia said...

:) It was!