Saturday, 5 June 2010

An up and down week

Just a brief note to say that Kathy, a friend in Tokyo whom I had the utmost respect and admiration for, passed away on the weekend.  Her memorial service on Wednesday was a fitting tribute to her and testament to her remarkable graciousness, compassion and ability to see the good in everyone and the humour any situation.  She was a fountain of information on anything to do with Japan  -  life in Japan, coping with Japan, laws of Japan, customs of Japan, schools in Japan etc etc   and was so generous when people needed help or support.   She will be sorely missed by her friends, but more importantly by her family especially her four children.

While she was sick a lot of people helpe
d out with medical costs through her blog Mikan Days - .  Her family in the US have turned it into a fund for the children's education.

The up side to the week was getting into a Masters of Global Studies. I thought it would be a breeze to get in until I saw I was applicant no. 225 - for 30 places - phew...  evidently they started numbering at 200!    It will be a challenge no doubt, but good, and very necessary if I want to teach more than "I'm fine thank you.  And you? '


Lily said...

Congratulations and hugs again. You are going to astound your profs- your mind is incredible. So impressive...I already told Kazuo San when he stopped by yesterday and he was so happy for you too.

One of those times I wished I were in Tokyo, would have loved to taken you out for dinner to celebrate and toast it with a glass of wine.

Cecilia said...

Arigato ne