Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I want to ride my bicycle

This song has a special significance these days....

After paying 4000Y to get my confiscated bike back, the very next week it was stolen for real.


Perhaps it's karma for giving a false name and address and refusing to show ID (they have no legal right to demand it) when I collected it... nonetheless - grrrrrrr.

Thinking it would be good exercise, I cycled to Ikebukuro to buy a card.  Bike locked,  go to shops, 30 minutes later returned, no bike.  Gone. No mistake.  I parked it so it had many bicycle friends  - a much tougher target for the manji when it's surrounded by friends... Alas.  The surrounding bikes were all there; mine was not.
A recovery mission to SEA would be more promising than keeping an eye out locally.   Almost all the rental cycles I saw in Siem Riep (Angkor Wat area) had Japanese registration stickers...  (see picture below taken in Cambodia 2009) No doubt it was whisked into a container and is already cruising the streets of Cambodia.

I've heard it said often - theft is rare in Japan - unless it's a bicycle or an umbrella.... sigh....

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