Friday, 25 June 2010

Consensus and soccer.

It is often said that  Japan is a consensus nation.
After   28  minutes of NHK news dedicated to the topic of Japan's soccer team, the Samurai Blues, making it to the "Best 16" , I think it is fair to say, there is consensus in Japan, that it is a great thing. Consensus was reached after examining all possible angles that could lead to that conclusion.

NHK examined
  • the fact that (TFT)  there were people that stayed up all night in central Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Shizuoka.
  • TFT some bars made sleeping space for patrons so they could get a quick nap before heading off to work - some with dividing curtains..
  • TFT water usage in Tokyo surged at the half time break and immediately after the game - evidently people can control their bladders when they need to.....
  • TFT the primary school children at the primary schools attended by key players were rejoicing.
  • TFT primary school children could be seen in the playground today playing soccer.
  • TFT children stayed up to watch the match in the middle of the night (they filmed a 10 year old boy watching it at home)  (Probably not the same child who was running around with a soccer ball at lunch...)
  • TFT  Japanese people had been pessimistic about the team's chances  -  there was a perception that the Japanese players were undisciplined, that they 'let it all hang out' and weren't working together.
  • TFT  that the team has progressively developed solidarity and that the team worked together.  They even put their hands on each other's shoulders during the national anthem and made a circle of players before the game.
  • TFT 1.. the captain and coach worked together, 2. that they were aggressive, and 3) they persisted.    (their list not mine....)
  • TFT that each goal had key moves that led up to it - and a detailed analysis of each. 

After 18 minutes, the analysis of Paraguay began.
After 24 minutes,  analysis on other team's matches began.
After 29 minutes,   with a warm fuzzy feeling that we Japanese feel happy about the soccer, attention turned to G20 (with no mention that neither Julia or Kevin are going).

No doubt at 42 mins we'll have the sport report.....

PS... I should have known the news would be followed with a match's a good follow up to the highlights that went before the news...

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