Thursday, 19 November 2009

supermarkets and sensors

I was thinking last night about the sticking episode, and my neurotic reaction to it.  Many things, most things perhaps I can adjust to, but not the sticking and not movement sensor recordings in the supermarket.  The local supermarket used to have sensors that shouted at you 'HON JITSU, HON JITSU KAGIRI.....'   (TODAY, TODAY OOONLY ..... ).  They were so closely positioned that you could sometimes hear three at the same time.  At quiet times in the supermarket they had a way of jerking you out of the meditative glazed over feeling you get wandering the aisles wondering where the yeast could possibly be.... 
They also made me neurotic.  I used to dart from machine to machine turning them around, unplugging them, turning them upside down - anything short of breaking them that would silence them.
Hiro used to roll his eyes.... 'why do you shop here then!!!!!'
Fair point but it's the nearest supermarket....

Happily I can report that the era has come to an end.  No more having the senses accosted by recorded messages.  Peace in the supermarket.  Hiro thinks they have a sensor to detect mad gaijin (foreigners) that come into the supermarket and they quickly pack away the offending machines when one approaches.

Me however, I feel relief and vindication :)