Tuesday, 24 November 2009


There are some very scenic places in Japan.
Over the weekend we went to Fukushima - about 200kms north of Tokyo.It was beautiful but soooo cold that the vending machines selling hot chips almost became attractive.  (almost).  A couple of times in the mountains of Fukushima and Tochigi we were riding through falling snow.  Very cold but also potentially treacherous on a motor bike....
We stayed at a minshuku (Japanese style B&B) in Kaneyama machi which had very tasty local food for breakfast and dinner. I was a bit of a whimp though and my horse meat sashimi went into my pork hotpot for some cooking...  Hiro did the same after a very bad experience with food poisoning at a minshuku we stayed at in Nagano several years ago.
I'd like to go back to Fukushima: it tends to be off the Tokyo radar - too far to be convenient and too close to be exotic, and  the concentration of nuclear power reactors probably doesn't help its image either.  Next time we go it will be when it's warmer!

The pictures above and below are taken near the
Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Museum.

A giant Kannon (godess of mercy statue near Aizu).
It is relatively recently built and forms part of Aizu mura - a sightseeing attraction.

The end of autumn leaves with  newly fallen snow

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