Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A grumpy foreigner: BYOB (bring your own bag)

Tonight I went to the local D2 - it's kind of the cleaning, petfood, stationery, storage and hardware section of a supermarket. (No food except chewing gum.)  I bought quite a few things - new brake pads for the bike, detergent, shampoo, futon clips, garbage bin deoderizer, canisters of gas and other such household basics - about 20 items in all.   In the interests of being socially aware and environmental, I took my own bag.

At the cash register the woman began sticking D2 tape on one representative of each item to 'prove' they were not shoplifted.  I said to her it's ok, I have the receipt. I didn't need 20 pieces of tape.... She kept sticking.... I shoved them quickly into my bag before she got to them.  I tersely said 'if I have the receipt it's ok'.  Perhaps it was not the right way to say it.... she printed out a tax receipt for me.... and looked for more items to stick.  I said thank-you but I don't need them. And left.
I know it is the store policy... but.... the policy is completely illogical.  Why is their bag OK and my bag isn't?????
I will keep taking my own bag and practice saying  'no thanks' more successfully.
Stuck by D2
(As a contrast the supermarket up the hill from there charges 8 yen or so for each bag and there is no tape happening there.)