Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Logistics of Hachimantai

A big part of the reason that tourists don't go to the area, despite it being quite beautiful

 and despite it having terrific onsen

is that the transport is more complex and less frequent than the Shinkansen.   This give you some idea (picture taken in 2013) so don't use for accuracy.

Bus information is now online in English. It probably needs looking at with google maps in the other, but it's great progress to have the information readily available.
Japan Guide has made a  pretty good effort to show how places are connected to other places.

The updated English bus timetable for the area is below.

More work still needs to be done on getting hiking maps into foreign language. This would enable people to travel more easily across country on walking paths / hiking trails.
Walking paths from Goshogake

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