Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Hachimantai 1 Visitor centre & Fukenoyu

Hiro's parents are avid mountain climbers, and were keen to go mountain climbing / hiking while I was up there. The first day we went to Hachimantai National Park. I have been to the visitor centre opposite Lake Onuma many times, but never to the volcano that is just behind it...
A mud volcano, a characteristic of the area

Steam rising from the mud

Hydrangeas in August!

Mud volcano
A rather self-evident sign to take care because it is hot...

Steaming mud volcano

From the volcano behind the visitor centre, we went to Fukenoyu, an onsen not far down the road, which I also hadn't been to before.

Fuke no Yu

A rotenburo with the onsen behind
Huts for lying in 

Volcanic activity at Fuke no Yu

Apparently the onsen used to be located in this area but was lost to a landslide after heavy rain.

Steam holes in the ground

Water from the onsen - it's milky water not polluted.

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