Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I can't be convinced...

..particularly in the light of changes in the interpretation of the constitution, that the newly launched recruitment campaign for the self defense force (Defence Ministry) which urges Japan's role in global peace making, looks peaceful in its intentions. I know nothing about planes but I can't help think kamikaze when I look at it.

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Andrew Wright said...

And here they are trying to bring Australia into it as well...

Neither PM was decent enough to offer me a lift either though I flew on the same days as each! Coincidentally to your post, I watched The Eternal Zero on my last Qantas flight back from Japan. I thought it anti-war, but others seem to disagree.

Perhaps instead of attending the Yasakuni Shrine all members of parliament and visiting dignitaries should view the Hiroshima Peace Museum. If they still think war is a noble pursuit after that then they don't deserve to be members of the human race.

Cecilia said...

It seems like Aus. is more than happy to be joining in.


Voices from NZ are less than impressed - understandably.


PM Abe is getting royal treatment today in PNG. I guess PNG finds Japan more palatable than China, even if PM Abe's grandfather was a war criminal...

But anyway, it's pretty rude of then not to offer you a lift!

Hope you had a good trip and a good flight back. If you're in Tokyo at all, look me up.