Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Changing a pacifist constitution

Isn't very popular.
The day the constitution was reinterpreted from a pacifist constitution which allowed Japan to defend itself, to a constitution that allows collective defense. ( fighting other people's wars)
1 July 2014

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Location:Kantei Mae (in front of the PMs residence)


Anonymous said...

I think Japan is ready to join the modern world and have a military presence.

The concern has always been that Japan will rearm and seek new conquest.

But a nation with a 1.39 birthrate per female is not going to be interest in sending its sons to war.

Cecilia said...

Japan has a very strong military, what has changed is not the militarizing it's being able to be involved in non defensive wars. I don't see that as a step forward. With the rules as they are now interpreted, Japan would almost certainly have taken a more active role in the second gulf war. I I don't see how that would have benefited Japan, or the world.

Also, Japan has historically shown contempt for the lower classes, the war was epitome of that. There is little done to stop suicide, and infanticide. Sixteen percent of kids in Japan live below the poverty line. The govt. does little to alleviate it.

Japan is now increasing weapons exports & when you look at the international conflicts the financial benefits accruing to companies involved in the military becomes an obstacle to finding peace.

All that aside, this govt. is revisionist. PM Abe has sent greetings to a war criminal shrine in Wakayama - Okunoin.

Unfortunately Japanese students are not taught theory so they can't see there are distinctly fascist aspects to the current govts. policies and agendas.

It's a great pity.