Thursday, 15 August 2013

Inakadate: Ricefield "Tambo" Art

We ventured north to Hirosaki on an outing with Hiro's nieces.  Inakadate has reinvigorated itself through "tambo art"  - art "drawn" with  different colours of planted rice.  Each year they choose a different image.
This year the rice was at two locations, and unlike when I went two years ago, had an entry fee of perhaps $8 an adult.

The reverse side - much more simple rice fields
the national kanji to symbolize 2012 - IKI  - as in life (or as in the draft
of draught beer... same same perhaps)
A colour test patch
And at the local govt. offices - a geisha
and Marilyn Monroe. 
Hiro was less than convinced by the comparison.


Rurousha said...

That's the best study in contrasts I've seen in a long time. I refer to both the colours of the rice and the two lasses.

Cecilia said...

Their skill has improved a lot - they did one several years ago of the mona lisa that was "a horror" as Hiro would say.
I thought was quite a clever juxtaposition... Hiro was less than convinced.