Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Roses 2: The Arakawa line

The Arakawa line, which is reasonably close by, is another spectacular spot for roses.   We walked from Kyu Furukawa to the tram line at Oji station via Asukayama park.  
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Rurousha said...

Gorgeous. I missed them this year, except for one evening during a Sumida bridgepedition, when we returned by bike and followed the tram line for quite a distance. It was dusk, too dark for photos, otherwise I would've tested The Hero's already exemplary patience by insisting we stop for more photos. :)

Cecilia said...

They are lovely. There's also a small patch between Otsuka and Higashi Ikebukuro which livens up the drabness.
It's so rustically charming.
I'm thinking Machiya area might not be a bad option if we move from here.