Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Inflation by stealth

The rice packets have shrunk! First it was the soy that downsized from 1 litre to 750ml, now it's the rice.  Last night in the supermarket the usually 5kg bags of rice have shrunk to 4.5kg.... Prices to farmers have not increased... increases to cover rising electricity bills? Profiteering?  The end of deflation might not be a bad thing, but I am not sure this inflation reflects any kind of increase demand or economic growth...


Anonymous said...

Yes! Rice price is keeping up
Now but Amazon has good price

Kirara 367 5Kg for 1,780y

I trust 神明 Sinmei brand



Cecilia said...

You are a fountain of knowledge!
I think you should start a blog in English of pennypincher's guide to Japan. :)

Rurousha said...

Finally catching up with this week's blog posts.

If Abe becomes our next Supreme Leader, we may need to pay for 1 kg of rice with 5 kg of money. (>_<)

Cecilia said...

I think no matter who becomes the supreme leader the situation looks grim... I'm getting students to research policy decisions for homework and discuss whose vision most aligns with their own... (I am being generous to suggest that there is a vision aside from opportunism & power.)