Monday, 26 November 2012

Akita and food

A light breakfast.  I took this before the soup and rice came out.
The dishes are - front tori-dashi oden, the pink is pickled daikon -
it's a variety that goes pink naturally with vinegar, picked cucumbers - green,
to the left of that pickled daikon - a different style, at the far back
hakusai - or white cabbage pickled with kombu and carrot and other bits,
in front of that a korean style sesame and chile flavoured bean,
sweet potato cut up that was left over from yaki-imo the day before.
The soup was nameko - a kind of mushroom that they pick in the autumn
and can.  There's a glass top on the table and important -  must not lose
information gets slid under it.  (Like Hiro's father's medical numbers
which has him weighing fractionally less than me......)

Daikon drying in a kind of annex area of the house

Persimmon in Akita don't get enough sun to be sweet from
the tree. They are picked and dried.


SomedaysSarah said...

Are those purple/red daikon? Mmmm! We found some a while back and I didn't know about the colour change - WOW!

SomedaysSarah said...

Totally unrelated - my verification was "nomittai 21" heh heh heh... Some sort of message, perhaps?!

Rurousha said...

iPad working overtime, huh? ;)

Breakfast is an area where the cultural divide yawns fairly wide: it has to be sweet (cereal, jam, muffins, whatever) and it has to include coffee (with sugar) (of course).

So how many bags of MIL-donated food did you bring back to Tokyo?

Rurousha said...

Sarah, YES, umeshu bonenkai please! :D

Cecilia said...

This is an umeshu place in Okachimachi - right next to the Ginza line - which connects smoothly to the Hanzomon line at Aoyama ichome & Omotesando (I'm sure you'd know better than I do)

Food coming back was lighter than usual - Lots of mochi.. like I am in need of weight gaining material... inari, kuri rice (not to be confused with curry rice).
I put in an order for ume boshi but forgot to get them... It might have been a bit unwise anyway since it would have been 12 hours between refrigerators - we left home on Sun morning at 9 to go to the temple, after butsudan-ing and ohakamaeri-ing and lunching it we took the train back. Even with the supercold temperatures, pickles might have been a bit vulnerable to going off.

Just as well really. I always feel that the number of days spent in Akita needs to be balanced by the same number of days plus one of famine in Tokyo on my return....