Wednesday, 2 May 2012

On towards Natsui, Setogaro and 1000 sakura trees

Just pasted in to give a sense of the landscape
I love this - patchwork mountain. Lots of yamazakura.
I'd love to go in the autumn time.
Somethings stay the same - vending machines & blossoms.
I was so excited to find out that this train line - is the Ban'etsu East.
It's a JR line that is now on my seishun 18 plans.
Setogarou - a gorge a couple of km west of Eda station.
Quite lovely and apparently stunning in autumn.
Setogarou Gorge
Natsui river park
Natsui River
The Ban'etsu east line again - Iwaki - Koriyama.
Senbon Zakura - 1000 Sakura trees by the
Natsui River
I didn't count, but there were lots.
And lots
And lots
The Ban'etsu East train. There are only 5 direct services from
Iwaki-Koriyama each day.


Rurousha said...

So much sadness, so much beauty.

The previous post about Hirano is heart-breaking.

PS: I love the patchwork mountains too: splashes of light green and pink in spring, flashes of red in autumn.

Cecilia said...

"So much sadness, so much beauty."

Well said. Perhaps if I had been there longer, I might have seen hope too.