Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Today's newspaper reported a 10% fall in cigarette sales - presumably as a result of the 100 yen price hike last October - though at $4.50 a pack US they are still very cheap for a developed country... Changes a foot? More on smoking in another post.  These are photos I took last year before the price rise.
Cigarettes marked with price increases in Sept 2010

That is a big percentage increase, even if they are still relatively cheap.

Hiro's preferred brand of  cancer

Sign up to remind people that prices are going up on 1 Oct.
in other words buy up buy up buy up....
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Bryn said...

LMAO "preferred brand of cancer"! Nice.

Cecilia said...

I really think hospitals with cancer patients should have wards with sponsorship - the Marlborough ward, the Mild Seven respirator etc....