Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter is tricky in Japan

This year my delightful little sister sent me some Easter eggs.
Despite the commercialisation of Christmas and the the conspicuous celebration of Halloween and St Valentines Day, Easter doesn't register on the radar here at all.  I guess it's more unambiguously religious and difficult to conceptualize in a country that doesn't really see the world with monotheistic eyes. Monotheists make up about 2% of the population in Japan - (most are Christian some Muslims and a small smattering of Jews).

The symbolism of Easter eggs and an easter bunny and how they connect is also difficult to grasp.
Last night I had a  conversation along these lines with Hiro - who was being quite sincere.

"Why do you have easter eggs at Easter?" 
It's a sign of spring and new life to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead.
"But Jesus wasn't a chook..."

No, it's just a symbol of new life. 
But it should be a chicken then not an egg.

But the easter bunny delivers them.

"Why does a bunny deliver eggs,  bunnies don't lay eggs..."

Fair enough... whatever....

Nonetheless, you have to wait till Sunday to eat them anyway.....


Lily said...

oh to have been present for that conversation- lol. Interesting stat though. Hiro must have pleased the Gods with all the overtime and they decided to pay up a bit- chocolate eggs and sakura castella in one week!

Cecilia said...

Not to mention the Friday off in Golden Week!
Though I am trying to get excited by the idea of biking to Hachinohe...
It's still winter up there...