Sunday, 26 December 2010

Mitsukoshi - a rooftop oasis in Ginza

Mitsukoshi Ginza, arguably the most upmarket department store in Japan, has  undergone recent renovation. I can't say I am a regular customer, but I do appreciate the feast for the eyes in their food hall.      Though the main purpose of the renovations was to increase floor space, the highlight has to be the new rooftop / play area.  Finding a place to sit down, out of the elements,  where you don't need to buy something  to be there can be a challenge in Tokyo.    Mitsukoshi, on the Ginza 4-chome crossing is a welcome addition. 

Roof top garden / play area
Roof top play area
Mimeguri Shrine on the top of Mitsukoshi, Ginza

A place to just sit.  On the RHS is the smoking room.
Seasonal decorations on the roof
A coffee shop
An art / exhibition space


Bryn said...

At the beginning of November is the annual Ginza Jazz Fest (although this year it started on Oct 30) Have you ever been? I've been the last 3 years in a row, and one of the venues is always the roof of Mitsukoshi. It's one of my favorites. The weather is always perfect, I spread a blanket and love just laying there, on top of an expensive department store, in the middle of downtown Tokyo, enjoying some awesome free jazz! I always concentrate really hard at storing away every detail in my mind and use it as my "happy place" when I need a mental escape!

Cecilia said...

I didn't know.
What a fountain of knowledge.
Thanks :)

Am I right in thinking this is part of the recent renovations? I got confused there the other day in the basement - the food has all been changed around. I'm not sure that I had ever been to the roof before.
It's stunning.
Bring on November :)