Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Infrastructure II - the Keisei airport line.

OOps I have deleted the photos by accident
I will endeavour to put the back up

The next in the infrastructure series - Keisei's new train to Narita airport.
It cuts 20 minutes off the time the old express took and costs 2400Y - up from 1920Y.
I took it the other day for the first time, coming back from the airport after picking up  Lily and the boys coming back from Canada.
(Usually I opt for the cheap limited express that takes 75 minutes but runs more often.)
IOn the positives, it was fast, there is reasonable luggage storage space, you can move the seats into a 4 configuration, there is a vending machine that has standard rather than inflated prices  but a little more sterile than I expected - stainless steel and harsh lighting - and only a single toilet area in the train - not a real problem for a 36 minute trip through.

Train times signboard
The renovated Narita station

Vending machine

Storage space

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