Monday, 23 August 2010

A typical breakfast

Breakfast from back left
Tofu with grated ginger,
Grated daikon,
Dipping Sauce (one on the opposite side as well)
Okra & tomatoes sauted with ponzu (citrus vinegar of sorts), basil, salt & pepper.
Miso eggplant
Chopped shallots
Chopped cucumbers
Somen noodles

Today's breakfast, a breakfast typical of our place, not of Japan.  Breakfast has evolved this way on account  of Hiro's late nights.  Neither of us feel like eating when he gets home after eleven ,   so breakfast has become the main meal with the most vegies and most nutrition.     This is a very quick meal.  

  • Tofu... 'scooped it out of the punnet' - (20 seconds including time to grate ginger),   
  • grate daikon - (perhaps a minute),  
  • dipping sauce - for summer dipping sauce I buy it ready made  and dilute with water /ice (30 seconds),  
  • okra & tomatoes (6-7 mins including chopping time) I made this last night though,  
  • miso eggplant (6-7 mins including chopping time), 
  • chopped cucumber (1 minute),  
  • somen noodles are boiled for 1 minute.  
  • shallots (1-2 minutes chopping) done last night.

Quick, easy and uses minimal heat in the kitchen.

Just a note (to placate my mother)  we do eat meat, not every day, but in a similar style of it being one of a number of dishes.  


The Magical World of Jacqueline said...

That meal looks so refreshing. I love pictures that show many small bowls and plates that accompany a meal.

Lily said...

It is so perfect for the humid summer- you are on to something! That and the mugicha. We have been drinking gallons since coming back from Tokyo.

Cecilia said...

It works for us anyway. Very easy, very refreshing.