Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Heat wave

Much of Japan is in heatwave.
Last night the official temperature was 28 at 11pm in Tokyo.
It didn't get cooler through the night.
The day time temperature was above 38 degrees in places.

Thank goodness we have NHK to let us know that this is above body temperature.
Fully 15 minutes was spent on last night's news informing people how to prevent heat stress....
Drink water, stay out of the sun, wear a hat.... amazing the things you learn.

The Burmese women in my Japanese class say it's easier to endure 40 degrees in Yangon than it is to endure 34 degrees in Tokyo.  But it is easier to endure 36 in Tokyo than it is to endure winter. :)

Temperatures across Japan at 4am this morning  (22nd July)
Most of  Kanto (Tokyo), Kansai (Osaka) and Fukuoka were above 25 overnight.

Temperatures across Japan at mid day today. Most of Honshu above 30 - Tokyo's average is 27 in July.  It might be time to the Japanese meteorological agency added  35 + to the scale. 

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