Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Happy Marine Day

The weekend that just passed was Marine Day.  Marine day is a new holiday but the date was chosen because it marks the first time that an emperor of Japan travelled on a civilian steamship.
We took the opportunity to go biking to Chiba, the coastal prefecture east of Tokyo.
The wind was strong and the water not really suited to swimming - there has been extensive flooding and the water quality was less than it usually is here.   But it was a pleasant day.  And it's so nice to see sunshine.

Fishing boats in port

Fishing nets to go with the fishing boats

Looking north from the Choshi light house on Inobosaki Cape

Looking down from in front of the lighthouse
The Lighthouse
Fishing on Kujukuri Beach
Kujukuri beach... I really dont get it why the carpark needs to be built on the beach, same for the steps. According to Hiro it's because it's Asia and Asian people are very practical - I guess lugging picnic baskets 70 metres more takes a lot of energy.... My theory is more like the concrete companies had good connections with local govt....cynical I know...

Behind the beach very wide nature strips - no tsunami washing out houses here.
People take off their shoes as they leave the concrete path and start walking on the sand.  It's endearing but the effort to keep the sand clean strikes me as a little odd when there was litter (admittedly not a lot) left on the beach.... 

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