Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Some rice with that please

Asahi Shimbun has surveyed several thousand Japanese to find out the perfect companion to a bowl of rice......

And the results...... drum roll.....
And the results indicate that Japan is still a seafood nation.
And the results also indicate that what people actually eat is different from what they would like to eat.
(Beef and pork bowls have a big market share of the fast food market but neither is on the list).
The results also show I am not Japanese.......and am not ever likely to be Japanese.
Here they are 1 to 10.

1. Mentaiko (chillied cod eggs)

2. Ikura (salmon eggs)

3. Uni (sea urchin)
4. Grilled Salted Salmon
5. Chirimen (a kind of little fish)
6. Natto (fermented soya beans)
7. Kyoto tsukemono (pickles from Kyoto - subtle taste)
8. ikanago (another type of little fish)
9. ika shiokara (squid intestines)
10. Raw egg.

None of these is my own photo.

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