Wednesday, 31 March 2010

From Yamadera home

The seishun 18 kippu feels magnificent when sitting on one and two car trains that meander through far off places; it loses its shine on the well travelled track back to Tokyo.
I left Yamadera just before 3 on a Sendai bound train.  A change for Haranomachi, followed by a change for Iwaki, a change for Mito and a change at Nippori had me home at 11.30 pm - 81/2 hours. The shinkansen from Sendai takes a bit over 2 hours.  Changes were tight and there wasn't time to get anything other than chips or chocolate to munch on - after the Odate food fest arguably it was just as well.
All was going smoothly till I saw a super express train at Iwaki that was Ueno (Tokyo) bound.... Resisting temptation I perservered in my quest. And it was worth it;I would use the seishun 18  again in a flash - though two days for the last leg would have made it more relaxed and enjoyable.
Trains from Yamadera to Sendai run roughly every hour

The Yamadera-Sendai train about to return
Countryside south east of Sendai
Haranomachi station
Haranomachi train about to return to Sendai
The Iwaki bound train.
Iwaki - the train behind was the Ueno bound express....
Iwaki to Mito
Fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally the train from Mito to Ueno which thankfully became an express at Toride, an hour out of Tokyo.


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